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Every day he trolls the bowels of the Web, shining light on the sickest, most hilarious and most shocking stuff he sees. My first order of business is to put a tiny webcam into my father's shower unbeknownst to him. Actually, before the café opened I used to buy the big wonton soup container of chopped liver at their counter and just eat it with a spoon. Am I allowed to say in this article that you are in my cabinet?

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If anyone knows how to break the Internet, this guy does. They're into funky leather bracelets, weird tattoos, smoking tiny joints and then walking the dog for a few hours. But they are very supportive, and apparently, according to them, the 60-year-old crowd in Santa Fe are really celebrating my work. If I had a son you would be my choice of the best, most favorite son that I could ever have in the whole world. I basically just started calling you Mom, and I really celebrate you. No wonder these same poets describe an unburdening, a freer hand that enters to write their second and third books.As Jane Hirshfield says about her earliest collection of poems, ’s publication, she says, “a road felt opened.” Yet the two remarkable new poetry books under review here defy the rules of their “genre” by focusing on singular subjects and characters.At the sentencing hearing earlier this month for convicted Brooklyn pervert Andrew Goodman, the pederast was so happy about the wimpy sentence he was set to receive (thanks to a sweetheart plea deal from the Brooklyn District Attorney's Office) that he used the court appearance to declare his undying love for one of the young, male victims of his perverse sexual appetite."Every second of every day, all that I think about is [you]," Goodman told the court, while staring at one of his teen victims.

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He was then sentenced to a scant two-year prison sentence, which would have potentially had him back on the streets by October because of time he's already served.

The Net's become home for its own superstars, do-gooders, freaks, artists, zillionaires, heroes, perverts, idols and villains.