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07-Aug-2017 07:03

The Martin Luther King holiday smelled as bad as the Bush Administration from the beginning because of the unseemly haste with which it was rammed through the Congress.

It doesn’t matter who is being nominated for a national holiday.

In recent years, the concatenation of obfuscation that shields the “Reverend” Jackson from inculpation has been dissipating; the parasite who launched his endless shakedowns with the lie that the bloody shirt he waved in Chicago was the one he had worn when he cradled the dying King in his arms, now stands exposed as a pillar of slime. Those same “conservative” commentators go all dreamy at the mere mention of his name.

I had a dream I stood on the mountaintop and puked.

So intense was that campaign, so intense does it remain, that Martin Luther King has been turned into something of an archangel, a man whose very name is sacrosanct.

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Umar Johnson, the self-proclaimed prince of “Pan-Afrikanism” and descendant of Federick Douglass, has gotten caught with his hands – and other body parts – inside of the proverbial cookie jar.

The whistleblower is a woman in her 40s named Khym Ringgold, a blonde weave-wearing resident of Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Enough time should pass for the nation to know everything it can about the candidate, enough time for a new generation that didn’t know him personally to decide whether he embodies the qualities that make our nation great.

Should that be the case, the argument to ennoble him would become as spontaneous as anything can be in politics, and would spring from every quarter of society.He also blames his “escapade” with Ringgold for allegedly costing him a million-dollar donation for his boys academy, which would have come from an unnamed NBA player.

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